Strong, correctly and confidently with a human oriented nature presents itself. The last mare has made it very exciting as well!

Patience is a virtue. Our „Helen“ has given us an exciting time and sleepless nights. But her foal compensates us for all our troubles. The little “Romeo” corresponds exactly to our breeding goal. Quarter Horses for Pleasure, Hunter and round at the highest level.

Do you also dream of owning a “One Hot Krymsun Daughter”? We have fulfilled the dream and when we found out that the beautiful and multiple European champion is for sell, we did not hesitate for a second. 

We are looking forward to the new stallion who was born today. Many thanks to all friends for all the encouragement and love!

During our houseboat holiday in France in 2015, we found out that Awesome is for sale. We knew immediately that this soul of a horse

In August 2015, Helen (In Especially Lazy) endured the long journey from Texas to Aurec-sur-Loire in France without any problems. We are very grateful that this charismatic and ravishingly beautiful mare

Daisy has infected us with the Quarter Horse virus. The woken and characterful little mare has found her way quite accidentally and unexpectedly into our family and enriches our lives now for about 16 years.

Fergie has conquered our hearts immediately. When we first saw the picture of this curious and cool little lady, we were suddenly overcome by love. Shortly thereafter, we were allowed to get to know her life in France