Huf Care

By using hoof shoes and insoles, I could help many horses to a healthy hoof, and facilitate the transition to barefoot. In this post, I will show you what a good hoof shoe offers with foam insoles. Hoof shoe and insoles are far more than protection against abrasion and injuries.

For many years horses were shod with iron and it continues till now. They make it already since the Middle Ages. First evidences of hoofcare are known from the 1st millennium BC. The hooves were provided with simple means such as leather, straw or bast shoes. Today, the modern horse’s care is slightly different. Advantages […]

Hoof in normal position: – Hoof rotation – Descent of hoof bone. The disease of the hooves means the loss of horse and its efficiency and, in the worst case, its death! Various theories and hypotheses on the approaches and treatment measures of laminitis are spread by the “specialist literature” and the new media. There […]