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A big Grüezi and Bonjour

As a small child, I was very excited every time I saw a horse. Horses interested me much more than meeting with colleagues in restaurants or chopping wood with my father in the nearby woods.

I attended different seminars and courses and devoured many books and documentaries on natural horse keeping, horse care, and horse breeding.

Sick, abused horses are like abused children. They do not trust anyone and expect the worst. But patience, leadership, holistic horse care and a good sense of compassion and clarity can help to overcome the past.

Now, after 25 years of experience, I have grown into a charming and emphatic judge of horses and human nature. It gives me great pleasure to be able to strengthen and build the relationship “man and horse” in the long term.

I’m always looking for the latest findings in order to possibly include them in my work. So that I can help people and these wonderful creatures as possible in a loving and respectful partnership.

My aim is to support and to help “horse and man” holistically in order to bring interested people closer to the nature and the needs of the horse.
Michael E. Rohmer

David Maisonette

We are happy that we know with David Maisonette an experienced and proven horse breeder at our side.

His excellent eye and his extensive knowledge and his heart blood in the horse breeding have helped him to many national and international successes.

On his stud Haras de L’Hermet in France, he can offer optimal and appropriate husbandry and breeding conditions for the horses.

Through his exemplary training, our foals are optimally prepared for their lives and the foundation for a harmonious relationship with the people is placed.

We owe David our high-quality broodmares. You can consider yourself lucky if you can rely on such a fund of knowledge and love for “American Quarter Horse”. David has also very good, worldwide contacts to successful breeders and stallion owners. Thereby, he allows us to find the best fathers for our foals in Europe.
Merci beaucoup David Maisonette.

Marcel Wiedmer

Marcel has inherited a natural understanding for horses and their behavior. This great gift makes him a valuable horse consultant.

At first, he knew only dressage and racehorses. The western riding and American Quarter Horses were unknown to him. But he soon realized how much some horses were suffering and often only serve commercial intentions.

For him, it is not only an asset but a great gift to be able to work with and for horses – even if they are taking place mostly in the background.

In a case of uncertainties, he always gives a frank word and shows us practical solutions.

With fun, enthusiasm and attention to detail, he designs the website as a computer scientist, shoots, and edits documentaries and realizes our advertisement for the print media.

Nature is the wise teacher for all living things – and a big piggy bank!
Marcel Wiedmer

Shila 9 Jahre

Our intelligent female Labrador is already 9 years old but still involved at each ride and visit.

Already as a little puppy, she was present at every stall visit, riding and equestrian sports event. She enjoyed helping where she could – even when eating the ‘mash müesli’ for the horse. Daisy never bothered, just on the contrary. She gladly withdrew and let the mash for the most part to Shila. After the usual puppy playgroup, she has passed with flying colors the Guard Dog Exam Switzerland.

Today, we can do without a leash. Whether in the restaurant, hotel or traveling outdoors which is very important to us.

Unfortunately, an allergic reaction to corn and pork and other ingredients has established since 2014 and when feeding, we have to pay attention to high-quality wet food without chemical additives. Whoever has had a similar experience may feel free to report and share his experience.

Today, she is doing much better. She has restored fun and her joy in living. Because of new natural wet food, homeopathy, decontamination and EM, effective micro-organisms.
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